gently pissed off (lola_burns) wrote in wormhole_fans,
gently pissed off


hey people post anything here!
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people of the wormholefan commuinity Im so bored someone im
look fuck whoever thought it would be a good idea to shut down such an amazing game.
this isnt a forum for the game. apparently there is some confusion. this is a forum for the BAND Wormhole...

welcome to you all by the way
shit, fuck that then
thats my fucking band you damn sheltered ass trekkie sock puppet masturbator

fuck you and your gay ass role playing games

go whine about your board games in your dads garage or something
Posting anything...ermm Hii <333
welcome to the community

nice cartoon icon thingy by the way
Ty oh oh lol this is lexi..heh <33