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Fans of Wormhole's Journal

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Friday, June 13th, 2003
1:43 pm - new site

This community is still new and I know I haven't been doing much with it, but I am hoping to watch this place grow eventually.

I have started adding some Flash text and buttons to the site. I'm curious what anyone here thinks about it. So leave a post and tell me if you like it.



Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003
9:49 pm - Wormhole mp3s


Pop-Evil 3.72 mb mp3
Made For Lovin You (KISS
3.97 mb mp3
State Of
The Union (special edit)
362 kb mp3


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Monday, June 2nd, 2003
12:51 pm - hey
lola_burns hey people post anything here!

(9fan into the holes | Wormhole)

Saturday, May 31st, 2003
11:39 am - Hello peeps
lola_burns hi, i invite everyone to join this community just becuz its the best in the web!

current mood: ecstatic

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