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This is a community for fans and friends of the band Wormhole and goth/industrial/electronic/experimental music in general.

It is NOT a community for gay ass role playing geeks and Trekkies to come in and bitch about nonsense. Once again this place is for WORMHOLE THE BAND NOT THE ROLE PLAYING GAME

I would stick to the rules that Lola came up with, but I have already broken the 'no cyber-fighting' rule and I don't know what an 'LJ-Cut" is....so for now just do whatever you want as long as you don't mistake this for an RPG forum.

Note- That one RPG guy that posted in here was such a jackass I think all of you should go to his journal and taunt him. That can be our first 'group activity' :-)

Also I would like to make this forum a safe haven for SPAM, so go ahead...promote your scene and watch it grow! (no porn please)